What is the Best Dog Sleeping Positions?

What is the Best Dog Sleeping Positions?

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There is a lot that you can learn about a person by observing how he or she sleeps. The same is true for dogs as well. How our four-legged pals' sleep can tell a lot about their personalities, issues regarding health, attitude, etc. If you begin to give attention, then you will notice that your furry friends sleep in a particular position. The latter can be very revealing about the dog in general and can even provide owners with insight into how the dog is feeling on a physical and mental level.

It is important to learn about your dog and the best way to do this is by observing it while it’s sleeping. That is because an average dog can sleep from 12 to 14 hours daily. This cycle is increased considerably if you are dealing with puppies. According to many authorities on the subject, a puppy can sleep from 18 to 20 hours a day. Now that is a lot of sleeping and this affords you the chance of observing your dog’s behavior through noting its sleeping positions.

If you are interested in learning more about your dog and its sleeping styles then we have you covered. Go on and read and prepare to be informed to a greater degree in this regard.

Weird Legs/ on its back

This is an easy one to determine and yes, as the name suggests, this is a crazy position for a dog to sleep in. You will recognize it immediately if your dog tends to sleep on its back, belly upwards, and all four of its legs raised in the air. The dogs that like to sleep in this position evince a unique blend of vulnerability and submissive tendencies. A dog that sleeps in this manner is probably independent, confident, and comfortable in its space and doesn’t perceive any danger or problem from its surroundings.

Sleeping on the Side

This is one of the most common sleeping positions for most dogs. If your dog prefers to sleep on its side then this napping position is one that it finds incredibly comfortable. Most dogs prefer it if they want to sleep comfortably for longer periods.

This is a most relaxing position for dogs and it shows the absolute trust that a dog holds. The belly of your pup is exposed in this position which corroborates its trust and feeling of security. Dogs that sleep in this manner are incredibly carefree, exhibit poignant bonds with owners, and remain very calm.


The Superman position is another unique position and is favored by many dogs. This position can be identified by the dog sleeping on its stomach while its legs are stretched out in front of it. It appears as if the dog has adopted the popular “flying” posture made famous by the Man of Steel himself. This position is especially prominent among young puppies as it is easy to awaken and go straight to playing and causing mischief from it. A dog that sleeps in this manner is highly energetic, exciting, and likes to frolic.

Legs up and Back Down

This position is quite similar to the Weird Legs position with some minor differences. That is because, in this position, a dog likes to keep its front paws on its chest while its hind legs are raised in the air completely. It is normal for dogs in this position to either lie on their back or side.

This position can be construed as an indicator of your dog’s body temperature has risen considerably. Your dog tries to cool down through this position. That is because the belly of the dog has the least amount of fur and the paws have sweat glands in them. These allow a dog to cool down effectively and a dog that adopts this position does not take kindly to being bothered. That is why these dogs seem cantankerous and irritated when you awaken them abruptly.

Belly Curl

Dogs like to sleep on their tummies as well, and they enjoy doing it too. A Dog that adopts this position usually sleeps on its tummy and has its frontal paws placed backward. This is a tightly wound position and indicates that your pet isn’t sleeping soundly at all. According to many sources, a dog can’t enter the deeper level of sleep in this position as it is hard on the dog’s muscles. If your dog sleeps in this position then it must be shy, sweet, and gentle but often tends to engage in adventurous ventures as well.

Curled Up

This is a tight, unforgiving, and generally wound-up position and is a bit similar to the belly curl position. This position allows a dog to fully cover and protect its belly. It is also great for sharing heat if the dog is part of a pack. That is why this position can be seen eminently amongst wild dogs or wolves. A dog that is sleeping in this manner usually is feeling cold or is ambiguous about something. The latter can be related to a new area, people, toys, etc. But you need not fret as this position isn’t uncommon among happy and carefree dogs either. This position can be adopted by any dog and is a great, warm, and comfortable position for them to sleep in.

Back to Back

This is a position that is common amongst a pack of dogs. You will be seeing this position a lot if you have more than one dog at home. That is because dogs are essentially pack animals and like to sleep in this position as it affords warmth. This position shows that a dog trusts the other one and considers it a part of the pack. Also, it isn’t uncommon for dogs to sleep in this position with their owners either. This means that the dog loves its owners and considers them to be an irreplaceable part of its life.