How to know if your Dog is Happy?

How to know if your Dog is Happy?

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Dogs are the best of pets and they are an absolute treat to be around. They frolic, play, and jump around you and make your day joyful. Your dog also won’t hold anything back when it comes to displaying its affection and love towards you. But, the symptoms of a happy dog differ very much from a grateful or loving one.

You must understand your dog’s body language and assess when it is feeling happy or not. By gauging the dog’s state of mind, you will be able to make more informed and effective decisions related to it.

There are numerous signs that you can look out for when it comes to a happy dog. For instance, it will appear relaxed, its eyes will sparkle and be soft, its tail will be wagging and its teeth will be bared in a friendly smile. But, there is more to it than that as there are many other signs that can show that a dog is happy.

These signs can be enumerated as follows for your convenience and information. So, go on and have a look then:

Floppy Ears

The first surest and most profound of signs when it comes to a happy dog are floppy ears. Your dog’s ears will rest on the side of its head if it is happy. However, if the ears are pinned back, it can usually translate to stress in your dog. So, be mindful and take pertinent action.

Soft Eyes

The shape of a dog’s eyes can tell you a lot about its state of mind. If your pooch is happy, then its eyes will be soft and normal in shape. Your dog will gaze at you in a relaxed and gentle manner with frequent blinking in between. This is a clear indicator of a happy dog.

Body Wriggle

Your dog’s whole body responds in a specific manner when it is happy. The muscles of its body won’t be tense in the least and will appear relaxed. Also, if the pup is happy then its whole body will wiggle often in addition to being soft and relaxed.


For all of you that think dogs don’t smile, they do and they do quite often. Most of the time, a happy pup will have its mouth opened with the corners turned up. Some teeth will be visible in this position and unlike an aggressive stance; this one will be relaxed and happy. So, if you see your dog’s mouth in this position, then it is probably very happy.

Wagging Tail

This is one of the most common and identified indicators when it comes to a happy dog. If you see your canine pal wagging its tail vigorously then it is happy indeed.

Good Behavior

If your dog is one the best of behaviors then it is mostly a sign of a happy and content pup. That is because depressed or bored dogs tend to act out destructively. So, if your dog is displaying any negative behavior then you should probably give it the attention that it deserves. That is because this can be an indicator of depression, separation anxiety, or worse in dogs.

Going for Walks

Happy dogs love doing for walks and engaging in playtime and tricks. It is a way for them to express their gratitude and sheer delight. Yes, all dogs slow down with age and don’t like exercise or walk as they initially did. However, if your pup becomes uncharacteristically quiet or hesitates to indulge in walks or playtime, then it probably is distressed or feeling sick.


Boy if your pup is overly greedy or eager when it comes to eating sometimes then it isn’t its fault at all. It is just so darn happy that his appetite is kicked into 4th gear. While a hearty appetite can be a sign of a happy dog, an inexplicable or sudden drop in hunger can be an indicator that your dog isn’t feeling well or is distressed.

Sleeping a Lot

Ok, this might surprise some of you but a happy dog can sleep far more in contrast to a depressed dog. A happy dog exerts itself more intensely and afterward, it needs its beauty sleep. Why some dogs can even sleep up to 16 hours a day. While this might seem like a lot of shut-eye, for dogs it is important. Because, if your dog isn’t sleeping much or is having trouble falling asleep, then it could point to incumbent stress, depression, or illness.


If your dog wriggles a lot, likes to bark, and shows its belly and tongue, then it is highly probable that you have one happy and ecstatic pup on your hands.


Bowing is a way of your dog telling you that it wants to play or is up for having some fun since it is so happy and exciting. You will know if your dog is happy when it lowers its chest to the ground while keeping its posterior in the air. So, if your dog bows a lot and craves your attention then it is a sign of happiness and contentment.

Friendly Pup

A gregarious, friendly, and cordial pooch is a happy pooch. If your dog loves to interact with other dogs, isn’t aggressive to new people or pets, and meets everyone with a smile then it is probably happy and in a good mood.

So, there you have it, all the signs that you need to know to assess whether if your dog is happy or not. This might not seem like much but is still an important aspect to decipher. That is because if you want to do what is best for your dog, you have to give it the attention that it deserves. But, to do so, you need to first ascertain the state of mind that your dog is in. You will be able to do it if you look for the aforementioned signs. The presence of these signs means that your dog is happy while an absence of them can spell a distressed pup. This will certainly allow you to take remedial action if necessary.