My Dog Has to Sleep Touching Me

My Dog Has to Sleep Touching Me

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It can be a difficult endeavor when it comes to trying to understand your dog’s behavior. But, if you are willing to invest the time and insight, then you will be able to learn much from these canine pals of yours. Most of the time, dogs utilize body language to transmit their intents and wonts to owners. This is especially apparent in the patterns or habits in sleeping. So, what exactly does it mean when your dog can’t sleep without touching you? Let’s find out, shall we?

Different experts on dogs have studied this phenomenon as to why some dogs prefer to remain in contact with their owners while sleeping. That is because they are trying to deliver a message to their owners. This message usually interprets the dog’s immense love for you and that it wants to stay close to you. Sounds pretty great right? Well, there is more to this habit than you could know and we will clarify it to you conveniently as follows.

The Main Cause

Dogs have a unique method for displaying love and affection. You will need to be incredibly patient and open to understanding the messages that your dog sends. The main cause of your dog wanting to touch you while sleeping is that it wants to compliment you. By that, we mean that it craves your presence, loves you, and wants you to know that you are special to it. Now, we don’t know about you but we like this gesture and feel that it is worth encouraging.

But, there is a good chance that you, a dog owner, might not be aware of the fact that dogs are pack animals from an instinctual perspective. This is what allowed them to survive in the great wilderness in the past. Every pack naturally had a leader and it was the latter’s job to look out for the whole pack. Your dog might view you in the same light and that is why it wants to stay close to you. Dogs in a pack also slept together for warmth and this behavior is perhaps reminiscent of this instinctual; behavior.

Other Reasons

There are other reasons when it comes to this behavior. These can be listed as follows for your information:

Your Dog is Protective

The reason that your dog touches you while sleeping is because it’s protective. This can be most apparent when you are in a room with other people. Your dog will like to sleep with you and face the main door simultaneously. Your dog will see you as its castle of sorts.

Your Dog wants Attention

Your dog might be looking to get some extra attention. That is probably why it touches you while sleeping since it considers this a great method for garnering your attention.

A feeling of Safety

There are certain breeds of dogs that feel biologically inclined to work alongside their owners. It is due to how they are bred. Similarly, dogs of these breeds feel that much safer when they are in the presence of their owners. This applies to sleeping as well and that is why they can’t go to sleep unless they are sleeping with their owners. This makes them feel less vulnerable and safer.


Ok, we might sound like a broken record by now, but yes this behavior may be a way through which a dog displays its love for you.


Dogs feel that much more comfortable and cozier when they sleep near their owners. Such dogs refuse to sleep alone and crave your presence while snoozing. They might also place their heads on you and exhibit immense comfort and bliss while doing so.

Separation Anxiety

A dog that has been separated from its previous owners or family requires quite a bit of attention. This is mainly the reason why such dogs don’t leave their owners’ side. If the owner does leave, then the dog will wait for him and will end up sleeping with him/her. These dogs will display signs of deep anxiety when the owner leaves for work or goes out to finish some chores, etc.

Your Dog wants something

If your dog wants something from you, then it might also feel compelled to act in this way. This behavior might be indicating the dog’s desire for food, or wanting to go for a walk.

Should this Behavior be encouraged?

This is a big question and one that is dependent upon your preferences in this regard. Do you want your dog to remain clingy? Or do you want it to evolve beyond this obscure habit and become more proactive and independent? The choice is up to you and you are the one who should perform the corresponding actions accordingly.

There are some things that you can do to cure your dog of this behavior. If you have decided to remove this aspect from your dog’s life then read on:

Proper Training:

You can try doing the following to get your dog to quit this behavior:

  • Get your dog to sleep in a highly comfortable location
  • Get your dog to keep standing in this location and reward it with treats when it obeys
  • Motivate your dog to lay down with treats
  • Continue to do this regularly daily and your dog will start to sleep alone in this location eventually

Mitigating Separation Anxiety

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety then you can try to alleviate it through exercises. Take your dog out for a walk and spend at least 30 minutes daily in different exercises. Also, remember to take your dog for its toilet business before going to work.

A Comfortable bed

Another trick for getting your dog to sleep alone is to purchase a plush and comfortable bed/mattress. Go online or go to a store and select one that evinces comfort and durability. Your dog will appreciate this and will start to use it as its main sleeping spot in no time at all.