8 Signs your Dog Loves You

8 Signs your Dog Loves You

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Having a dog can be one of the greatest feelings in life. It is as if you have a friend that is always there for you and loves you unconditionally. These four-legged canines love their masters without any reason or expecting any favor or return. That is what makes them such an endearing and adorable factor for any owner. A dog brightens up your day, your life and imbues a whimsical joy to your rather boring day.

What can be better than arriving home and listening to the joyous greetings of your dog? Also, the time that you spend with your dog is mentally and physically stimulating, especially if you and your dog are fans of tricks and exercise. A Dog is just like a child, in as such that it demands and garners love and attention. We feel responsible for it and it in return feels that we, the owners, are like parents to it.

But, what if you are unsure about this impression of you? We mean do you have any doubts about your dog’s love for you? Do you feel as if your dog doesn’t love you? Well, you need not worry about this as we are here to address these problems for you. Below are mentioned the top signs that will corroborate that your dog loves you. Go ahead and have a look:

Signs your Dog Loves you

1. Maintaining Eye Contact

This is one of the ways through which dogs demonstrate their feeling of comfort and safety in your presence. They maintain eye contact with you and this is a way through which they create a strong bond with their owners. This is also a great tool since eye contact allows users to better train their dogs as well. This means that besides being a demonstration of love, eye contact is also a great catalyst for disciplining and mentally stimulating your pet.

2. Your Dog Leans Against you

Many times, you might have noticed that your dog leans up against you lovingly while you are sitting on the floor or couch. This means that the dog feels safe, loved, and cozy in your presence. Dogs also lean against you if they end up feeling afraid or anxious but mostly it is an exhibition of adoration and that you matter to it.

3. Sleeping in your Bedroom

Has it ever happened to you that while asleep, you feel your furry companion’s presence in your bed during some time in the night? Well, that is because your dog loves sleeping with you in your bed. This is a clear sign of the dog’s love and trust towards you. But, if you don’t want your dog to sleep in your bed then get a comfortable bed for it that can be placed in your room. Your dog will love this.

4. Happiness when you arrive Home

Does your dog lick your face and hands when you arrive home? Does it jump up and down? Does it wag its tail? Well, this means that it is delighted upon your return and this shows the love that it holds towards you. We don’t know about you but we love it when our dogs show happiness when we get home.

5. Carrying your Shoes

Dog’s love you and your scent. So, by that connection, anything that exudes your scent is an item of endearment for them. This includes your slippers, shoes, and even your dirty socks as well. So, if you see your dog carrying these items around, then it is a sign of its love. But we suggest that you keep these items away from your dog if it is habitual of chewing items. Invest in chewing toys if you want to address this problem effectively.

6. Checking on you

You might have noticed that your dog checks up on you when you are in a separate room. This doting attitude also manifests while you are on a walk, in a new area or environment, in a new home, etc. This shows the dog’s concern for you and whether if you are safe and nearby. This is an indicator of the dog’s love for you as well.

7. It wants to connect with you

Does your dog like being hugged? Does it like its belly rubbed? Does it like being patted on the head by you? Does it seek contact with you? Well, this is an indicator that your physical affection means a lot to your dog and it craves said affection. So, next time your dog wants to be hugged, lean against you, or a cuddle, make sure you comply as it will reinforce the bond between you and it.

8. Your Dog brings you its Favorite Toy

If your dog brings you its favorite toy then it means that it treasures you so much that it is willing to give you its favorite possession. This is an honor and a profound exclamation of its love for you. So, be excited if this happens to you.


Now, these are some of the top signs to look for if you want to verify that your dog loves you. If you are interested in learning more about this aspect, then you should try contacting an expert dog trainer. Or, you can be ingenious and go for a superb online program instead. The program, Brain Training for your Dog, is a marvelous online resource that teaches you all that you need to know about dogs. The program has been made especially for dog owners and contains a ton of useful knowledge. You will be able to learn about teaching your dog new tricks, imbuing discipline, and generally getting to know all there is to know about it.

You will be able to become a better owner and a smarter trainer as well if you opt for this program. So, if you want the best for your dog then we highly recommend that you give this amazing program a chance. You will not be disappointed in the least.