Teach Your Dog Cool Tricks

Teach Your Dog Cool Tricks

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Tricks to Teach your Dog

If you teach your dog tricks then you will be able to enjoy the time spent with your dog to a greater extent. Now, these tricks range from simple and rudimentary ones like “sit”, “Stay” to the more advanced ones. You can get the best out of your dog’s training experience if you dedicate about 10 to 20 minutes daily to this task. Don’t think of this as an obligation, but more like an experience in connecting with your dog and having a blast of a time.

One thing that we should remind you is that never conduct these training sessions when you are angry. This can do more harm than good and can permanently damage the relationship between you and your dog. So, if you get angry and frustrated in the midst of one of these sessions, stop immediately. You and your pet both won’t be able to perform properly if you are angry.

So, if you are interested in teaching your dog some new tricks, then we recommend the following ones:

1. Rolling Over

Start by getting your dog in the “down” position. Take a treat in your hand and bring your hand gradually around to the back of your dog’s neck. You want to get your dog to turn its head without getting up.

Now, roll the treat over once your dog’s head reaches back to sniff at it. Give the treat as a reward to your dog once it does roll over. Also, remember to encourage it fervently as this will reinforce positivity in your pet. Repeat these steps and as soon as the dog starts rolling over, speak the command “Roll” out aloud. For best results, we recommend that you do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes. Keep doing this daily and soon your dog will be able to associate the command “roll” with rolling over.

2. Shaking Hands

This is a pretty easy trick to teach your dog as most of them can raise their paw instinctively when soliciting a treat. Once your dog is in a sitting position, take a treat in your hand. Then, move it towards your dog’s paw near the ground. The dog will raise its paw towards the treat and it is then that you should give the command “shake”. Reward it with the treat and praise it with enthusiasm. Make sure that you raise your hand higher with each practice so that your dog has to reach higher as well. The optimal height should be in level with the dog’s chest.

Keep practicing for 5 to 10 minutes daily and your dog should begin to associate the command “Shake” with raising its paw. You can also switch to the other paw once your dog gets the hang of it with the first one.

3. High Fiving

This is an evolution of the shaking technique and is also pretty easy to teach. Start by getting your dog in the “Shake” position but now you need to hold your hand with the palm facing outwards. Once your dog touches the palm, say the command “High five” out aloud. Reward your dog and praise it vehemently. Keep practicing and soon your dog will get the hang of it. Also, try to get your dog to keep raising its paw higher and higher to touch your open palm.

4. Speaking or Barking on Command

This is fairly simple to teach if your dog is the verbal and vocal type. However, it isn’t as easier for those dogs that tend to be quieter. But eventually, they too get the hang of it if you stick with it and keep practicing. Start this process by throwing a ball or talking excitedly to your dog. It will excite it as well and then get it to sit. Wave a treat under your dog’s nose until it starts to whine or cry. Once it does so, reward it with a treat.

Now, go through the process again and use the command “Speak” when the dog begins to emit a sound. You shouldn’t reward your dog until it has made some noise. Speak the command “Hush” or “Enough” to get your dog to stop and walk away to emphasize the point.

5. Dancing

This trick can be taught to almost any dog but perhaps it is best suited for the smaller breeds. That is because it is easier for them to stand on their hind legs. Or, if your dog is less than 40lbs, then it too can be taught to dance as well. First, get your dog to stand on its hind legs by enticing it with a treat. Now, once it has sturdily and solidly attained said position, begin to twirl the treat around its head. You want it to get moving in a circular position that matches the motion of the treat. Once it does so, reward it with a treat and encourage greatly. Keep repeating this process and your dog will have it down in no time at all.

How Brain Training for your Dog can help

Now, the best method for getting your dog to follow these steps is to hire a trainer. However, those come expensive and that is why you should give “Brain Training for your Dog” a chance. This is an online program and has been created by one of the most renowned and prominent dog trainers. Not only will you be able to teach your dog these tricks, but others as well. Also, it allows you to modify the temperament of your dog in a disciplined and well-behaved manner.

The program is very comprehensive and holds your hand throughout the procedure. It is facilitating and convenient and so very easy to follow. You will receive comprehensive videos for teaching tricks, methods for disciplining your dog, creating proper diets, and generally becoming a whiz at all of this process. So, if you want to get your dog to become adept at numerous tricks and want the most effective and efficient channel to do so then “Brain Training for Your Dog” is the program for you. Also, it is pretty economical and won’t be too much of a burden for your wallet.

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