Brain Training 4 Dog's

Brain Training 4 Dog's

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Dogs are man’s best friend; that is what we all heard and keep hearing time and time again. We have to say that this statement is true. There is no companion more sincere, a friend more steadfast and loyal than a dog. The latter provides comfort, is a source of strength, and keeps you grounded. Most of us wail and incessantly demand from our parents for a pet puppy or dog in our childhood. That is because in our hearts we know that it is the perfect pet for us and worthy of keeping.

However, not every dog is suited for keeping or calling a pet. A dog needs to be molded, trained, and tempered properly to become a proper pet and loyal companion. A dog with an ill temper and an inability to perform even the basic of tricks and actions isn’t liked by its owner, much less by anyone else.

Hey, you might be new to the dog owner scene and we can tell that you are in for a ride. You might be proud parents of collies, golden retrievers, German Shepherds, etc. but the one constant that you will experience nonetheless is difficulty in training your dog. Now, there are many trainers and courses that you can opt for to get your dog to obey you in the way you want it to be. This is a question that you struggle greatly for finding an appropriate solution for, but most of the time your efforts end up in vain. That is because not every trainer is well qualified and his or her methods are not that effective. So, why not try the program “Brain Training for Dogs”? It is an online program that has proven and commendable results for training dogs.

That is why we are here to provide you the scoop on this program. You might be interested in taking up this program but trepidation and ambivalence must have reared their head as well. But we are here to allay your fears in this regard. We hope that by the end of this review, you will be able to make a better and more informed decision about your dog. So, let’s get on with it shall we:

Why Go for Brain Training for Dogs?

It is possible when you first get your Dog; it might be the nightmare that you weren’t expecting. We all dream of getting the perfect dog, a well behaved, well-tempered pup who caters to our whims and heeds our commands. But oh how wrong we can be at times. Most of the time, your dog’s behavior will be deplorable. It might get into fights with other dogs, run across and down the street, start chewing up things around the house, and so on.

You might even have to contemplate getting rid of it for good as they are more of a hassle than you realized. Things will certainly exacerbate if your dog exhibits any of these behavioral patterns. That is why you should seek out an effective and sound solution to this problem. That is where this program comes in as it purports to be the best at reforming difficult dogs. The effectiveness of this program can be gauged by a large number of glowing testimonials available online.

Another thing that we can’t stress enough is the convenience that this program brings with it. Think about it, there are many different trainers and training courses available that you can take up much of your time. Also, they are quite expensive and will set you back to a great extent. Why a normal trainer’s fee is about $500 to $1000 easily. We don’t know about you but for us, this is pretty extravagant. Also, there isn’t any guarantee that your dog will take to its trainer and learn what he or she has to offer. So, isn’t it better if you took up a training program that can provide you with all of the pertinent details and exercises online? That is what sets Brain Training for Dogs apart from other programs in such that it facilitates users by being accessible online.

Creator of the Program:

Adrienne Farricelli, a well-reputed and certified dog trainer with over 10 years of experience in the field, have created this program. She has a great track record when it comes to training difficult dogs and setting them straight. For us, this is a plus since you are getting beneficial guidance from a person who has much experience and knowledge about the field. Ms. Farricelli is a published trainer as well and has some commercial publications to her name as well. Her reputation is unblemished. That’s is why this program has gained such a following in a short time.

What you should expect:

If you decide to purchase this program then the first thing you need to do is head over to the official page.

Brain Training For Dogs official page
Once you are there, the user-friendly website design will direct you to a sales page where they will also offer you 2 other optional purchases as well. You can pass them over and then head over to the main crux of the offer. The sales page itself is pretty nice to look at. It is very tidy and organized and evinces information on what you can expect from the program. You will receive an email after purchasing the program that contains links to the online pdf manual, downloads, videos, etc.

Now, you might get stuck on the earlier stages of the program, especially the ones that relate to calming your hyperactive dog. These techniques are hard to get a hang of but once you do, you will start to feel a gradual change in your dog’s behavior.

It won’t be until you reach the more advanced stages of the program that you will notice anything significant. You will see a notable difference when you reach the games portion of this program. Companies have created these games to be enjoyable and likable for the dog.

The three games that you get with this program are:

  • The Treasure Hunt Game allows your dog to release stress and boredom by reaching back to its evolutionary roots. This boredom or stress is the main reason for unease and bad behavior in many dogs
  • The Muffin Game is designed to keep your dog from getting into trouble and be mentally active as well
  • The Ball Pit Game drains excess energy from your dog and in doing so makes it more open and pliable

Another thing that we liked about this program is that the information it contains is super easy to understand. It is simple, straightforward, and effective which makes it easy to try and act upon.

The modules of this program are separated into school years, such as high school, college, etc. When your dog passes through each of these stages, it gains more energy, intensity, and discipline as well. The difficulty of each program also increases with each school year. However, your dog will be able to handle the advanced stages if it has cleared the preceding ones effectively.

Program’s Format:

The thing that appealed to us about this program is the efficacy and smoothness with which each module led to the next one. This program makes it easy to pick up and start training and also to resume from where you left off anytime you want. It also helps to progress according to the training as well.

Every module commences with an introduction page that elaborates on what you should expect from it and there are some links for each lesson in it as well. The navigation aspect is also pretty easy as there are forward and backward buttons on the bottom of the page. This allows for quickly switching from one video to the other.

Is the Program any Good?

Well, in our opinion, you will be pleasantly surprised by just how good and easily consumable the information about this program is. There is a ton of helping material to find and you even get menu bars that make it easier to navigate on the program’s site. The books are profoundly informative too and writers have sectioned them according to the nature of the problematic behavior that your dog exhibits. You can tell that a lot of effort and time went into planning and setting this stuff out which is appreciable, to say the least. That is because, in many other online training programs, the inclusive material is an absolute disaster. You can’t find anything in the proper place and above all what you get is usually impotent and ineffectual.

This program however is effective and above all readily understandable. This is what sets it apart from the rest. Overall, this is a well-designed and informative program that we endorse.

What you get with the Program:

This is what you have been waiting for, the whole contents and entries of the program. We can guarantee that what you get with this program will not fall short on information whatsoever. There are mounds and mounds of data and guides that can be perused through. However, too much information is a drawback since you won’t get the time to go through it all.

You will find the following items/modules in this program:

  • Six Videos Modules: These videos range from preschool, elementary, High School, College, University, and Graduation levels. There are 7 training videos for teaching your dog various tricks such as covering the eyes, bowing, dancing, shaking hands, playing dead, rolling over, etc.
  • There is Obedience Training 101 which that teaches you to train your dog to heed your commands by tempting it with food. This is necessary as it forms the base from which all base strategies and training sessions will take root
  • Science and Techniques of Dog training
  • Gentle Force Three Techniques
  • Best toys for a dog’s mental stimulation
  • Brainteaser games
  • Videos that explain and show dog training games
  • Segments of the course that require troubleshooting

The program is inclusive of all the data and things that you will need to get your dog into proper training shape. So, you should give it a chance as you will be surprised by the results indeed.

Pros and Cons of the Program:

As is the case with every program, the Brain Training for Dogs program also embodies its share of pros and cons. We have listed them for your information and convenience:


  • There is tons of information on the concerned subject in this program
  • This is a relatively economical and affordable program
  • Addresses difficult and convoluted problems the answers to which you can’t find in any other program
  • The convenience factor is awesome since you can access this program from any place and at any time with ease
  • The program is simple to understand and even easier to follow
  • You can train your dog by yourself instead of a stranger


  • You have to admit that some of the information that you get with this program is a bit generic e.g. toys, walks in the park, etc.
  • The text isn’t as legible and large on the bonus content and it will be difficult to read for those with weaker eyesight

If you were to ask us the question of whether if this is the course for you. Then our answer will be a resounding “Yes!”. If you are experiencing problems with your dog’s behavior. Or if you want to increase your dog’s overall mental capability and performance then this is the program for you. It is a great deal since there isn’t any compulsion, to say the least. You can join the program any time you want and can discontinue it as well. The program is relatively affordable so you won’t be losing out on much money here. The commitment that the makes have brought to this program is simply sterling and must be complemented. You will certainly feel a noticeable and positive difference in your dog’s behavior and performance if you opt for this amazing program.

So, we highly recommend that you give this program a chance. It can do wonders for you and your dog as well.